Why Score Plus


Sustain our knowledge of the market and that of our customer’s market(s) by continuously providing appropriate, cost effective products and services through business and technology leadership.
Assist customers to identify and utilize the best technical software solutions that will empower them to achieve their work projects more efficiently and effectively.

Conduct our business with the highest degree of ethics and promote long-term business relationships with both clients and employees alike.

Facilitate, consult and manage business processes and process improvement. As technology leaders, we will place great emphasis on our company’s ability to provide customers with the highest level of quality.


We will endeavor to provide on a sustained basis, innovative IT products, solutions and enterprise information services designed to give our clients competitive advantage and leading edge technology.


To be a versatile, industry leader and preferred vendor to all corporate, government and quasi-government entities by providing an outstanding quality service, at competitive prices utilizing the latest technology. Hormoz approaches all opportunities with the primary purpose of providing customers with, integrated, high-turnout IT products, solutions and services to make their business more profitable and efficient.

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