Wings Accounting Software



Whatever your business or its size, Wings Accounting is the right accounting software for you. ‘There is no feature that Wings lacks’, said the Digit review which ranked Wings Accounting as The Best Accounting Software in India ahead of all other products. Over 30000 worldwide users would confirm that Wings Accounting offers the most powerful, versatile, flexible and easiest to use solution for their accounting needs. Wings Accounting offers a host of features which no other software does.

Wings Retail is a complete POS software – offering all that is required for retailers to do efficient, fast billing. Wings Retail can be used by retailers of all kinds – from grocery stores, apparel and footwear stores to pharmacies and gift shops. Wings Retail integrates tightly with Wings Accounting, India’s finest accounting and inventory software. The POS data is automatically integrated with accounting and inventory management and you are not required to do any manual entry for accounting.

Wings Retail gives you excellent analysis and reports and even allows you to generate multi-dimension reports for Sales analysis, performance, Productivity analysis. Wings Retail can manage all kinds of Promotional Schemes and Customer Loyalty Programs. Wings Retail offers a variety of unique tools which ensure that you get the most out of your software and to ensure that your evolving needs are taken care of.

Wings Software is:


- takes care of all your requirements, from accounting, receivables & payables, inventory, budgeting, production, costing, taxes, multi currency, etc


- can be used in any kind of business or profession


- offers a host of features which allows you to tailor the software to suit your special requirements


- allowing you to choose only those features which you need


- offers the finest reporting and analysis


- offers several tools which make it adaptable to your growing and evolving needs


- can be learnt and used without knowledge of book-keeping