AES Ex+ Academic Enterprise Solution



AES – Academic Enterprise Solution is a comprehensive single point management software for Educational Institutions, Schools and Colleges, covering the entire – Student Information Management, Admission and Attendance Management, Time Table, Examination, Extra Curricular Activities Library Management, Payroll Management, Financial Accounting System, Purchase and Inventory Management, Front Office Management, Facilities Management, Hostel Management, Asset Management, Event Management, Election Management, Placement etc, with all modules running in an integrated environment. AES provides end-to-end solutions for effective and insightful management.

  • It brings down the administrative costs by helping the staff to save much of their time in data entry and record maintenance.
  • Benefits not only the students, faculty and administration but also the parents and even the prospective employers of the students.
  • The credibility of the institution is never more at stake as the mark lists can no more be faked. Ready to use reports will be available on a single mouse click.


  • User friendly navigation with Sidebar and Tool bar
  • Dynamic Report Management
    • User can select/deselect required field
    • User can rearrange report fields in any order
    • Manage visibility of each fields
    • Allow saving of report structure
  • Microsoft Tools Integration – Export to MS Excel, MS Word and HTML
  • Microsoft Tools Integration – Export to MS Excel, MS Word and HTML
  • Convert data into information-through user definable filter settings. You can now see data as infor¬≠mation-use it as a Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Smart Card Integration
    • Supports both Contact and Contact less cards
    • Supports both Student and Staff information
    • Implemented using COM technology
    • Allow users to configure settings
    • Integrated with all modules
    • Allow unlimited Smart Card writing
  • Easy integration with WEB – at the click of a button
    • Role Based Security
    • Custom Reports -Dynamic creation of reports without modifying application
    • Manual / Automatic Backup
    • Single point settings screen – Printer Settings, Smart Card settings, Database Tuning, Accounts
    • Linking and Default accounts
    • Windows style desktop for easy access of common functions


1. Application Management
Application Management is a simple module handling the issue and receipt of applications for admission to the institution. It also has a provision for entering marks of the eligible examinations appeared by the student, which in turn simplifies selection process.

2. Extra-Curricular Activities
Extra-curricular Activities are activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education. Extra-curricular activities exist at all levels of education, from high School and College to University education. AES handles different clubs, houses, other activities like dance, music, sports etc. The system is flexible that you can define your own activities and have the student’s performance analysis of that particular activity. The user can keep track of the individual and group achievements in various sports activities by the students.

3. Event Management
Event Management module is closely related to the extra curricular activities. Schools and colleges conduct different types of competitions in arts and sports. Our event management module helps you to manage such an event very effectively. Definition of events, participant registration, point’s definition, points entry and result display are handled by this module.

4. Election Management
Our Election Management module helps you manage elections conducted at your organization. It allows you to do all activities from the definition of posts till the publishing of results.

5. Placement Module
A Placement occurs when a staffing firm brings together a job seeker and an employer for the purpose of establishing an ongoing employment relationship. Our software helps you to maintain all the required information related to the employers and the job seekers.

6.Transportation & Vehicle Management
The transportation requirements are planned and entered in the module during the Admission. This module manages the bus stops, list of traveling students and staff. The bus schedules define each bus stop with the list of students. This also will give you reports on operational costs like, fuel consumption, spares consumed, repair& maintenance and other inputs. You can schedule the vehicles for tours or other activities and the module helps you to handle it very effectively. The required fees can be collected in the fee collection module and the bus pass can automatically be printed and issued.

7. Asset Register
The asset register is a comprehensive module that deals with the management of fixed assets in a perfect way. Purchase of assets, number assigning, transfer of assets to various departments, stock taking etc are the various options available in this module. You can take all the elaborate reports related to the assets currently in the institution.

8. Hostel Management
Boarding/ Hostel module is intended for the complete administration of accommodation, room allocation and mess of the students and even the guests of the students. You can easily manage and control admissions, allotment of different types of rooms, fees and correspondence.

9. Front Office Management
Here is a module, which offers you a variety of things, it is having options for communicating among different users by leaving messages, reminders etc. The lost and found corner in this module is also very much useful. Here you can design various correspondence letter templates and print them. You are also provided with an address book.

10.Teacher Scheduling
Teacher scheduling is a planning process, which enables you to schedule the classes for the year, giving prime importance to allocate teachers, subjects and lessons for each class during the current academic year. You have facilities to set planners for monthly and weekly scheduling of classes. Staff performance can be monitored with the help of Variance reports.

11. Staff Evaluation
An institution’s mission cannot be achieved with out a competent, motivated workforce. To that end, the performance evalution review is one of the primary responsibilities of the management and this review is the most effective method of ensuring an efficient and effective operation. This module has everything to evaluate your staff.


This helps the staffs, students and parents to see the schedules and other relevant information of the student from anywhere in the world. This has a security mechanism to prevent the unauthorized users from accessing the site/intranet. Each student, parent, and institutions have their username and password, in order to view their Profile, Fee Schedule, Fee Default List, Exam Schedule, Examination Result, Exam Progress Report Card, Attendance Monitoring, Image Upload, Student’s Achievement, Alumni Details etc. Message Board and Discussion Forums allow parents, staffs and students to send messages to each other, including email and chat provision.



The module administrates the complete profile of a student in a very systematic way, from personal information to alumni information. It provides a single entry point for basic student information. Student Information System helps the administrator, the Principal of the institution to have an overview of each student’s profile. The module helps the School staff to save much of their time in data entry and record maintenance as all departments can access this information without duplication of work and without errors. Ready to use reports will be available on a single mouse click.

  • Student Information – Complete databank with maximum information
  • Student Profile – All Important information about a student at the click of a button for the Principal and Top Level Management
  • Wide variety of Student Information Reports -view consolidated information pages with data retrieved from all over the campus instantaneously
    • Advanced student search
    • Roll Number wise list
    • Mailing Label Printing
    • Conduct Certificate
    • Course Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Campus / Religion / Community wise Statistics
    • Letter to Parent
    • House wise, Club wise and Gender wise reports
  • Mark list, Fee Dues and Library Dues in single screen
  • Identity Card
  • Student Barcode Printing
  • Student Health Summary
  • Document Management
  • Remarks and Complaint Register


The single point fee collection system is one of the best features of AES. The module also manages different type of fees and dues of each student and it is posted to the respective account head in the accounts module. A fee receipt is generated, which can be handed over to the student for reference. The module tracks many records of the student’s past and present status of fee payment. It automatically generates reports to maintain the budget, income and expected fee from different classes and sections. There is provision for allowing fee concessions to students if required. The module also generates a defaulters list and a summary of the fees collected during a day or a period. The system is linked to the financial accounting system so that the fee collected is automatically posted to the concerned accounts in the accounts system, updating the individual student ledgers.

  • Flexible Fee Setting
  • Categorization of fees for easy management -Common fees, Hostel fees, Refundable fees, Store, Transportation fees
  • Supports Advance Fee Remittance scheme
  • Concession and Fine Management
  • Refundable Fee Management
  • Reports
    • Date wise Fee Collection Report
    • Student/Group/Total Collection Report
    • Installment wiseCollectionReport
    • Concession Allotted List
    • Concession Availed List
    • Installment wise Fee Collection Forecast
    • Defaulters List
    • Option for Printing Reminders for Parents
    • Excess Paid List
  • Linked with accounts


The Attendance Module enables you to record and manage the leave and attendance details of the Staff and Students. It helps students and staff to access daily and monthly attendance reports. Attendance can also be taken for all the classes using barcode, smart card or biometric reader.

  • Academic Calendar
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance security
  • Duty Leave support
  • Abbreviations
  • Define Leave Rules
  • User friendly Leave entry screen with update tracking option
  • Daily Subject allotment for each Group with Templates
  • Integrated with exam module
  • Reports
    • Daily/Monthly Attendance Report
    • Absentee Statements
    • Leave wise Summary Report
    • Subject wise attendance report of each student
    • Graphical Reports


Management of Examinations is very easy with “AES”. Examination module helps in evaluation, performance, analysis, rank preparation, grade calculation, progress report card generation and printing of report card. The customized format enables you to create exam group, grade, subject allocation and define lessons with all other required information. The department uses this module to enter the marks scored by the student and to print the student mark list.

  • Flexible Subject Allocation
  • Flexible Exam Management
  • Unit Tests, Assignments and linking with Internals
  • Internal Mark Analysis
  • Internal Assessment and Laboratory results can be configured independently for the relevant subject
  • Internal Assessment marks can be linked to the main examination module. Independent Grading for subjects
  • Mark Entry and Analysis
  • Progress Report
  • Rank List Generation
  • Student Lifetime Performance Analysis
  • Class Toppers and Subject Toppers
  • Graphical Analysis based on performance in Exams


The module consists of all relevant information about a particular institution staff (Teaching / Non Teaching). It helps to manage leave and payroll details with user defined salary structure and salary generation. Staff transport and bank loan facility can be given from time to time. Payment slip can be generated and printed for individual staff. The payment interface with accounts module in AES helps to clearly report on total salary, net pay, deduction and loan

  • Staff Information
  • Separate account for salary posting
  • Advanced Staff Search and Report
  • Options to manage Staff Applications
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
    • Priority assignment screen for setting payroll display order
    • Option for creating any number of Additions and Deduction
    • Option for Linking Deductions with Loan and Transportation Charges.
    • Staff Advances
    • Generate Pay slip in a single click
    • Separate option for staff acquittance
    • Option for Acquittance Cancellation
    • All/Staff wise Pay slip report
    • Salary Statement
    • Salary Statement for bank


The store and inventory module helps to manage the stock of items used by the institution. Inventory management module provides the complete status of items/equipments received, consumed and in stock. It also facilitates you in performing rate variation analysis from time to time and helps in effective damage handling. Reports generated, conform to standard requirements of a store management system. This module is linked to the accounts module and generates vouchers for Purchase, Purchase Returns, Sales and Sales Returns

  • Item Management
  • Categorize Items using Category, Type & Unit Definition
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase & Sales Handling
  • Purchase Returns & Sales Returns
  • Damage Handling
  • Purchase Register & Sales Register
  • Purchase Return Register & Sales Return Register
  • Physical stocktaking & variance report
  • Stock Reports, Stock Card etc
  • Creditor’s sale statement
  • Linked with Accounts