Radio Frequency Systems

Having a strong experienced project team with over 20 years experience we are involved in the following services:- Project Survey, GSM Equipment Installation, Equipment configuration, Commissioning, Power solution, Cable Laying in high raise buildings and external towers, Antenna Installation (Dual Band Antenna, Cross polarized, Omni External antenna, Omni Internal, Diamond antenna etc…), Feeder testing (using Site Master).

Wireless Indoor Solutions – We have well experienced technicians who can make very good RF connector within limit VSWR. Some of them as mentioned here :- Din Male, Din Female, , N Male, N Female, D sub etc


Transmission line products used world-wide for antenna feeders, cabling of antenna arrays, radio equipment interconnections, jumper assemblies and indoor applications. Mostly ½” Jumper cables and 7/8” RF foam cables been used in our project involvements variously – for equipment to antenna installations.


We have a range of omni directional antenna for network optimization: from adjustable mechanical site adjustment to fixed or variable electrical tilt with local or remote control solutions. Omni Indoor, Omni Outdoor, Diamond antenna 900/1800MHz and Directional antenna with dual band are under usage of our project experience.


Our hands are experienced installation and commissioning of confined RF coverage systems. Other than jumper cables, Radiating cable connectors takes key role in this area. N-Male/ Female, Din-Male/ Female, TNC, BNC-Male, Even Link Connectors are widely used in our various project involvements.


RF conditioning products include combiners (multi and single bands) incorporating manual tune and auto tune technologies; filters; multi-couplers; splitters (2way, 3 way etc); products involved in telecommunications projects .
All of the RF conditioning products make use of our technical expertise to satisfy our customer’s unique needs.

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