Healthcare Mobile App Features

Find doctor / clinic / locations

Easy one touch navigation to find your doctor , hospital / clinic and contact details including directions and location, distance to clinic from your premise.

Quick Fill Appointments

Empty chairs or Beds don’t make for a productive practice. Don’t let cancelled appointments jeopardize the efficiency of your office! With the handy Quick Fill Appointment module, your app users will be notified via push notification of the appointment opening, and can snag it in seconds with a touch of their screen! Stay busy and never waste time in the office.

Specials with Push Notifications

Do you want to give more incentives for patient visits? With our updated Specials module, patients no longer need to go searching for your special offers. Alerts will come to the front of their smartphone screen via push notifications, making sure your patients are always in the know and reminded of your practice.Wish your patients on birthday, wedding anniversary and other festive occasions

One-Touch Referrals

You know what a hassle it is for patients to refer you: get their friend’s number, or email address, write it down, go home, open up a computer, find your website and then send all the information to their friend. Is it really a wonder that you’re not getting referrals?

With your clinic Mobile App, your patients can refer you in one touch! They simply find their contact and submit. All of your information is sent to their friend as an email and text message.

Social Media Integration

Amongst the millions of social media profiles out there, searching for exactly what you’re looking for can be a hassle! Direct patients to all of your profiles in one spot, effortlessly. Patients can share their clinic experience on your social media pages with a few touches of their screen.

New Patient Forms

New patients are exciting, but the paperwork isn’t! Get new patients in faster by letting them fill out their paperwork ahead of time, all straight from your app. No longer will you have to wait on them to get through questionnaires. Cut back on office supply costs and filing time with this feature.

Mobile Bill Pay

Busy patients have a lot to worry about already – setting aside time to come into the office and pay their bill shouldn’t be one of them! Patients can send their payments via your mobile app to be deposited into your account immediately. Even the busiest patients will appreciate this feature; they can do it from anywhere!

Easy Appointment Request

Trying to find an appointment time with a busy patient can be frustrating, impossible even! With your app, patients can select days and times they are available, and you just have to confirm the appointment slot. Save time and decrease no-shows by allowing patients the freedom of requesting the appointment slot that’s best for them.

Your Logo and Pictures

Your app is all about you connecting with your patients. Match your app with your practice atmosphere by adding your logo art and office pictures. Patients will feel like they have your whole practice in their pocket, and in turn will feel taken care of.

How Hospital App works?

Easy to use and easy to benefit.

The app gives patients an easy way to stay connected to the office. By keeping patients connected to the office you can keep them in predictable treatment cycle.

1. Connect to Office:

  • Inform patients about office specials with push notifications
  • Patient reference guide for clinic concerns
  • One-touch appointment requests
  • Prescreen patient appointment opportunities.
  • Lower accounts receivables
  • Social media integration (Face book, G+, Twitter)

3. See The Benefits:

  • New patients
  • Higher patient retention rate
  • Higher treatment plan follow through
  • Decreased percentage of open chair time

What all can you do with a Hospital / Clinic App?

  • find your hospital / clinic
  • find the distance and directions to hospital / clinic
  • find your doctor and details
  • Promote Specials
  • News
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Photo Consults
  • Track Referrals
  • Post Op Notes
  • Request Appointment
  • Patient Forms
  • Map to Office

If need be more features can be added to the app. A simple app is designed to allow doctors to schedule appointments for their patients, manage patient records and progress of activities. Through integration with Cloud, data will be synchronized on all devices. Management of interventions and Management of medical records through an app can also be programmed. Physicians can access and assess patient history, clinical laboratory results; patients can keep track of their medications, details of insurance, provider information, allergies, and emergency contact details every aspect of healthcare required for the smooth functioning for the hospital / clinic can be integrated in to this system.

One More Thing:

This App can facilitate not just communication to patients, but also work as a communication tool to employees too.  The communication can be department wise, among few departments, or to all employees. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept catching up there is hardly any need by institutions to invest in Hardware.

We also offer consultancy for promotion of the app and clinics too.